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Collegium Medicorum Theatri is the international college of physicians and voice professionals involved in scientific investigation and clinical care and cure of artistic voice, mostly involved in study, prevention and care of artistic voice.

For 2016 we propose to CoMeT board Milan as venue of the annual meeting. Congress theme: “Prevention in Art : the Art of Prevention” , because in our days prevention is important not only to assure Artist’s health throughout one’s career, but also in budgeting and expenses control both for Theatres and Artists themselves.

The meeting is intended as a moment to discuss “State of the Art”, about prevention methods and prevention aspects in arts and theatre world and Show professions

Will be presented different realities of Show professions, from classic to modern Music, from theatres to broadcasts and media, not forgetting peculiar aspects like artistic teams continuously “on tour” performances

Debate about methods and feasibility of Prevention in the fields of Art is meant as a stimulus more proactive than mere data exhibitions, where these may reflect peculiarities bound to specific realities and conditions, derived from local and national laws and rules, instead of “easy to share” approaches.

VENUE: CoMeT 2016 will take place in “Centro Congressi Fondazione Cariplo” Via Romagnosi, 8 20121 Milan

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Giuseppe Briatico Vangosa

Honorary Board

Philippe Dejonckere

Maria Di Freda

Alexander Pereira

John Rubin

Oskar Schindler

Francesco Ursino

Scientific Committee

Orietta Calcinoni

Omar De Bartolomeo

Markus Hess


Francesco Avanzini

Giovanna Baracca

Andrea Beghi

Sara Benedetti

Marco Biagi

Giuseppe Briatico Vangosa

Orietta Calcinoni

Corrado Canovi

Giovanna Cantarella

Anna Capovilla

Terenzio Cassina

Gianluca Cavallini

Eugenia Chavez

Giovanni Chiappino

Rosa Maria Converti

Omar De Bartolomeo

Felix De Jong

Philippe Dejonckere

Ilter Denizoglu

Ruth Epstein


Claudio Flaminio

Paola Folli

Franco Fussi

Philippe Goudard

Luis Heredia Guerra

Markus Hess

Jacob Lieberman

Alice Mado Proverbio

Andrea Nacci

Ewa Niebudek-Bogusz

Linda Parati

Bernard Richter

Mario Rossi

John Rubin

Sun Sandy

Oskar Schindler

Claudia Spahn

Attilio Speciani

Francesco Ursino

Reinaldo Yazaki

Organizational committee


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